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Your perception of your reality isn’t real | Janet Mohapi-Banks

Everything we experience in life creates a single layer of a filter that we view the world through. As that filter contains very many layers, the external reality that you experience is different to the way that anybody else experiences it. No matter how slight, the difference is there because no two people experience the same event in exactly the same way.

Right now we have a glaring example of this in the political situation in America. Trump supporters apparently view the world incredibly differently to the non-Trump supporters.

Propaganda machines, like the now defunct Cambridge Analytica, would feed different information to different sectors of society, which completely alters their world view because they are only seeing one side of the story; one side of the issue.

When this happens we get brainwashed because we hear, read, and see the same message repeated time and time and time again without any countermeasure.

What has this got to do with you breaking through to the next level of your business so you get the £20K, £40K, £60K months you’re working towards? Well, just like we find it difficult to understand the other side of American politics, unless we learn to open our minds and see our business from a different perspective, we will never experience anything different from our current reality because we can’t see beyond our own filtering system.

What you need to understand is that the reality you currently see is an echo of the thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and actions that you’ve had and done in the past. This is because it’s those thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and actions that have created the reality that you see today.

If we look at the our current “reality” and pretend that it’s the only truth and what we see is an ongoing fact, we produce more of what we see. However, when we shift our perception and realise that everything that we see is actually a picture painted in the past, we know that in order to create a new reality we need to be painting the picture of what we want to see now.

Just like a Trump supporter and a non-Trump supporter can take completely different meanings from a single news article, you can consciously alter the way that you view the world so it represents the life and business that you are bringing in.

Remember, the world you’re currently viewing is a painting of the past and to create a different future you need to paint the picture of the future you want now.

There’s a common misconception that The Universe creates obstacles to “test” us, but in my world this isn’t true, because Universal energy responds to OUR energy.

We are the creators. We are not puppets manipulated by an external source. We create our personal reality within the collective reality which is created by the sum of all of us. We have no control over the actions of other people, as they are individual creators of their own existence, BUT it is US that assigns meaning and importance to their behaviour and words. The more importance we place on them and the things that they do, the more we hand over our power to them.

When we stand firmly in our own powerful position as the creator of our universe we are able to see ourselves as we truly are and we’re able to realise our potential and experience a tremendous peace and confidence, because the external world is no longer making our emotions sway in the wind.

When we can perceive every situation from a place of observation rather that reacting frantically to it we’re able to choose the story that we tell ourselves. It’s these stories that create the reality we see today.

A business based example of this can be found in the way that you view your profit and loss sheet. Imagine that you didn’t hit your target for last month. You can choose to focus on the sales and influence that you did have or you can choose to focus on the sales that you missed.

So scenario A – you’re placing all of your attention in celebrating the fact that you got X amount of clients, money etc and scenario B you’re placing all of your attention on the fact that you missed getting Y amount of clients.

In scenario A, you will show up with enthusiasm and more importantly, you’ll be vibrating at a frequency of having amazing clients, bringing in money, and having the influence and impact that you want to see.

In scenario B, you’ll be doubting yourself and your ability to hit your target, your attention will be placed on the money and clients that you HAVEN’T got and because like energy attracts like energy, you’ll be bringing in more of the “Lack”. If you put all of your attention on the aspects of your business that you perceive to be “not working” then that is the energy and frequency that you’re sending out. The frequency you’re sending out is what creates the reality you see a little bit down the line.

The numbers on the balance sheet are exactly the same in both scenarios but your perception of the data paints very different pictures.

So if you’re feeling stuck and you’re not breaking through to where you know you want to be, answer these simple questions:

  1. Where are you putting your focus?
  2. How are you perceiving the external data of your life?
  3. Is there another way that you can perceive the situation that brings your experience of it in alignment with your goals?

Once you get this, everything will change – it can’t not! It’s cause and effect.

You get what you ARE. If you are always forward facing, celebrating everything that you HAVE, you will be swept along easily on that wave.

But you get to choose because you are the powerful creator of your own existence and you are painting the picture of the success you wish to see.


Janet Mohapi-Banks works with experienced and ambitious female entrepreneurs who want to create a legacy. Mixing metaphysics, mindset, and energy clearings she gets to the root of what’s really stopping them from stepping into their power and creating the business, life, and legacy they know is theirs but they just can’t seem to get to. Connect with Janet: www.janetmohapibankscoaching.com

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