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Everything you want is already yours | Janet Mohapi-Banks

The latest column from our money mindset coach… Believe it or not, everything in our current world started as an energetic thought that turned to physical matter through focus and attention. And every thought that you’ve ever had, you’ve attracted to you through the energetic state you are in. But sometimes our dreams don’t materialise…

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Three bedroom-based morning routines that could set you up for success

Sometimes achieving the things we want in life is hard. Often, we can feel as if we are continually fighting our bodies and mind, trying to get them t o do what we want them to do. To set you up for success, here are three morning rituals that you could do each day before you…

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Movers and Shakers | Cydelle Stewart | Cydelle Stewart PosAbility Ambassador and Onit! Communications

Cydelle Stewart is a Business Operations Architect, Virtual Assistant Coach and Founder of VA Agency, Onit! Communications. Onit! Communications is an end-to-end Virtual Assistant Agency that provides professional business support to Coaches and Consultants, globally, from ad-hoc or day-to-day support, to one-off projects and everything in between. Cydelle has been in business for 12 years….

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Make a decision on your vision | by Janet Mohapi-Banks

Everything starts with your decision.  The magic can’t be activated and the planets cannot align unless you decide upon what it is that you want. What is the outcome? What is the goal? How do you want to feel when you get there? Seeing it in your minds eye is an excellent way to get…

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4 Steps to Establish Your Brand Identity

Brand identity is a crucial element of success for all businesses and one of the best ways to promote your small business. Even if you don’t consider a brand’s identity all of the time, you can still determine that Apple’s is based around sleek, sophisticated minimalism. Whenever you see an Apple product, you feel something,…

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It’s this or something better | Janet Mohapi-Banks

Have you ever noticed that, sometimes, just as everything finally feels as though it’s all going to work out in exactly the way you’ve envisioned it something pops us that feels like a bomb going off in your smooth pond creating ripples that effect every other aspect of your life? What do you do when…

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PRECIOUS Nights at the British Library Online |4th March 2021

Save the date of and come join our panel of award winning women of colour for an evening of conversation and motivation! Book your ticket The PRECIOUS Awards was founded in 2007 to celebrate and applaud the professional and entrepreneurial achievements of women of colour in the UK. PRECIOUS Nights is a monthly event that…

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Be ok with where you are |Janet Mohapi-Bank

As the UK remains in Covid lockdown it would be easy to feel as though you’ve lost control in what is happening in your life . It’s easy to imagine the worst case scenario playing out and to find yourself spiralling downwards into resigned despair . It’s at times like this that we need to…

Two tips to keep you motivated during freelance downtime

It’s not easy when you are making those tentative steps to start a business, not just because of all of the skills you have to acquire, but there will be times when the business hits fallow periods. If you are a freelancer, you may hit these troughs on a semi-regular basis. Whether you are running…

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Let’s talk about cash baby | Janet Mohapi-Banks

The way we think and speak about money is very important to the amount of money we are able to receive and also the emotions we feel throughout our day. When we’re brought up with people telling us that “money is really hard to come to by” we will put obstacles in our way that…