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image of Janet M Banks

Be gentle with yourself – you’ve got a long way to go | Janet Mohapi-Banks

In her latest column, our mindset and money columnist, Janet, shares why we should stop being so hard on ourselves… How many times have you berated yourself for not being further along, not knowing thingsbeforehand, or acting too quickly without thinking things through? It’s so easy to get into the mind trap of believing that…

image of Dijonn Taylor

Movers and Shakers | Dijonn Taylor Savvy Guest Ltd

your real job in life is to figure out what you are called to do, you use a job until you can figure out what the calling is. You are fuelled by the energy of your work; you know it’s right because it gives you your juice and you know its right because you will do it for nothing.

image of Janet M Banks

Everything you want is already yours | Janet Mohapi-Banks

The latest column from our money mindset coach… Believe it or not, everything in our current world started as an energetic thought that turned to physical matter through focus and attention. And every thought that you’ve ever had, you’ve attracted to you through the energetic state you are in. But sometimes our dreams don’t materialise…

image of woman in bed

Three bedroom-based morning routines that could set you up for success

Sometimes achieving the things we want in life is hard. Often, we can feel as if we are continually fighting our bodies and mind, trying to get them t o do what we want them to do. To set you up for success, here are three morning rituals that you could do each day before you…