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Be gentle with yourself – you’ve got a long way to go | Janet Mohapi-Banks

In her latest column, our mindset and money columnist, Janet, shares why we should stop being so hard on ourselves… How many times have you berated yourself for not being further along, not knowing thingsbeforehand, or acting too quickly without thinking things through? It’s so easy to get into the mind trap of believing that…

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The time to stand up is now | Janet Mohapi-Banks

There was this crazy thing that happened to me in my previous business. On one hand I wanted so much more than I had, but on the other I didn’t feel worthy enough of having what I already had. Every time I tried to push forwards into even greater success, the panic and fear of…

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Stop settling and own what you want | Janet Mohapi-Banks

How many times have you decided that you wanted something only to talk yourself down or even out of it as the time to receiving it drew near? We’re often taught all sorts of detrimental thinking as we grow up from “Don’t ask for too much so you don’t get disappointed”, to “two out of…

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Your perception of your reality isn’t real | Janet Mohapi-Banks

Everything we experience in life creates a single layer of a filter that we view the world through. As that filter contains very many layers, the external reality that you experience is different to the way that anybody else experiences it. No matter how slight, the difference is there because no two people experience the…