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5 simple ways to promote your small business

Before social media and the internet, promoting a business meant spending a fortune on PR services and advertising; it is too costly for a startup.

But thanks to technology advancements, there are several ways you can tell current and prospective customers about your business.

Here are five ways to promote whatever product or service you have.

1. Create a Website

When setting up a website, ensure it’s functional, attractive, user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and accessible. These features make your business appear professional. Setting up a business site is relatively easy and affordable.

There are website services that provide ready-made website templates. These templates offer free logos, lead-generation features, and other essential features.

Alternatively, you can use WordPress to create one that you’ll have control over. And before marketing your website, ensure it follows Google Webmaster procedures.

The website should contain every minute detail about your brand. It should have the logo, operating hours, addresses, phone numbers, among other significant details.

2. Engage with Google

If you want to promote your business further, Google is the ultimate choice. It has some smart tools for easy business promotion. It’s quick and easy to create an account on Google Places and Google Business.

Add your website to Google’s business directory. Many customers search for businesses online than in any other place. Being listed in local directories boosts the number of reliable inbound links to your website.

3. Go Mobile Apps

Having a mobile-friendly website is part of the journey. And when it comes to marketing, firms with mobile apps are getting ahead of the game. These apps increase brand visibility to customers at all times.

More so, it enhances customer engagement.

Additionally, you can leverage the power of SMS marketing. About 2.17 billion people worldwide use smartphones, and 89% of consumers use their mobile phones for shopping. It shows you can have a successful SMS marketing campaign.

You’ll need a reliable SMS marketing platform to handle and coordinate on-location signage, social media platforms, digital creativity, and promotions.

4. Networking

Attending (virtual for now! ) networking events could help you gain valuable contacts.

It gives you a chance to find potential customers and build long-term relationships. Let people talk about themselves first to know how you can talk about your business.

When telling them about your business, let them know why they should you.

5. Build Your Email List

Email marketing is effective, easy, and inexpensive. A simple email signup form can yield great results. Once you create an email list, start sending enticing emails to draw potential customers to your product or service.

Add an unmissable call-to-action button. A call to action is the best way to make customers visit your site and ultimately purchase your services or products.

The Bottom Line

Marketing your small business shouldn’t be daunting. We hope these five simple tips will help you promote your business to success.

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