10 Essential Reasons to Get Networking | Rasheed Ogunlaru

Every major opportunity that has happened to me in my life, career and business, has come through networking.  In the world we live in, effective networking can fast track your career or business. Your failure to do it well or not at all, can leave you struggling in the sidelines.

I’ve gained friends, contacts, business, profits and profile through networking, and as a coach, motivational speaker and author, it is essential for my business. It is something that is so dear to my heart that I now teach people how to flourish through it, at my monthly Networking for Success event.

Here are 10 reasons why you should get networking and how you can benefit

Connections – gain great contacts across all fields for mutual benefit

Relations – build new friendships, partnerships and possibilities

Elevation gain business, clients, sales or career opportunities

Inspiration –hear from event speakers who can motivate and inspire

Isolation – an opportunity to get out and meet others to share, support and stop you getting stuck

Introductions – direct introductions to those you might never otherwise meet

Direction – it can often help guide, direct progress you in life and career

Information – many events provide useful information and advice, from the speakers, hosts and the delegates

Education – there are many events can boost your knowledge and skills

Celebration events can help you unwind, have fun, celebrate

There are many myths around networking and many people have picked up bad habits giving it a bit of a bad reputation. But networking – relationship building for mutual benefit – makes our personal, working and business world go around. Great networking happens when you’re strategic, authentic and where you allow chance and serendipity to kick in.

It’s shrewd to network in a range of places: conferences, seminars, exhibitions, socially, in the workplace – through to simply catching up with friends and family. There is both a skill and an art to it – but the key is being yourself, never being selfish and looking for mutual benefit.

Join me at Networking for Success at the British Library and learn how to network strategically, skillfully, naturally and nerve free. It will help you to explore how and where to network and how to leverage, build and utilize your existing network so that everyone wins. See dates / book now


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