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3 ways to stay connected to your loved ones around the world

It’s not always easy to feel connected and close with friends and family who live in a different country. Now, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, you might feel more disconnected from your loved ones than ever. 

There are things you can do even while you’re “stuck” at home to feel closer to those you love in different countries. 

1. Schedule a virtual movie night

It’s easy to FaceTime, Skype, or even hold a Zoom meeting with friends abroad. But, would you be doing those things if they were still living close by? 

Instead, try to get creative and do things you would do if you were right next to each other. You might not be able to go to the movies together, but you can schedule a virtual movie night. There are several streaming platforms that allow multiple people to watch the same movie at once, including Netflix. It includes a pause feature so anyone can take a break when they need to, and it also allows you to chat with each other while the movie is playing. 

2. Start a Book Club

Book clubs are a great way to stay connected with people all over the world. You all pick one book to read each month, and discuss it. You can choose to “meet” once a week, or as often as you’d like. You can meet virtually through things like Zoom, or you can simply chat about the book through different platforms. 

If you’re missing quality conversations with the people you love, a book is a great way to spark more of it. You never know what talking about your favorite parts of a story will lead to. Plus, reading is a great way to jumpstart your day, so you’ll enjoy personal benefits, as well as connection. 

3. Go the Old-Fashioned Route

While technology has made it easier than ever to stay connected to the ones you love, there is something to be said about doing some things the old-fashioned way. Get creative by sending postcards and handwritten letters, or go the extra mile and send flowers abroad to really make someone’s day. 

Sometimes, the little things can make the biggest difference. How often do you receive letters and postcards? Think about how much those little personal touches can mean to someone who is in a different country, missing their family and friends. When they receive something handwritten, they’re likely to send something back, which can start a chain of letters that you can keep for years!

As you can see, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time, effort, or even a lot of money to stay connected to the people you love.

Keep these tips in mind if you’re missing someone who is living abroad, and don’t be afraid to come up with even more unique ways to connect and feel close, despite the distance. 

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