5 Tips for Jumpstarting Your Day

Whether you work a traditional 9 to 5 or need to be up-and-running with the sun, one thing is for sure–life gets easier with a routine.

If you struggle with finding the focus and energy to face a busy day, entrepreneur and business coach, Ariana Pierce has a few morning routine must-haves that will get you excited to roll out of bed.  

  1. Take Time to Be — Instead of heading straight from your bed to your desk, give yourself permission to sip coffee, do some yoga, or journal.
  2. Visualize –– Meditate or journal on one thing you want from your day, and then think about all the ways you can make it happen.
  3. Look Good to Feel Good — Wear clothes that are flattering and comfortable to move in. You’ll have greater confidence! From head to toe, make sure you’re making a statement; starting with great quality glasses and finishing it off with the best shoes.
  4. Eat Right — Have a healthy breakfast that will satisfy and sustain you.
  5. Start Small — Finally, ease yourself into your day. See how many things you can post or comment in just 15 minutes on your personal or business social media and then call it quits.

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