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What To Remember When Starting a New Life

Making the move to pack up your life and make the incredible leap into the unknown can be scary, but it could turn out to be the best decision you’ll have ever made. Creating a new life in a new country can be, not just the making of us, but the start of something far better- something that we didn’t know we were entitled to.

You’ve told your family and friends, given notice on your flat or worked hard to make your home as valuable as possible and you’ve put everything in place for your new start. Yet there is still something that’s bugging you: the fact that leaving everything behind might not feel 100% right.

But when we are heading off to pastures new, it’s natural to feel scared or a little anxious, but how can you keep that voice that’s screaming “no” away?

Don’t Use Red Tape as an Excuse

One of the easiest excuses in the world to use is the abundance of forms and processes as a reason to not follow our dreams. If we want to move to another country, there is undoubtedly going to be a lot of red tape, but there’s always a way around things.

For example, for immigration issues, you can get help by hiring an immigration solicitor, also, check out if there is any government support available.

When we go through the process of filling out form after form, we can use this as a cathartic process to say “goodbye” to where we are from and say “hello” to the new place in our lives. Red tape is never an excuse to not go somewhere. It is an annoying barrier, but it shouldn’t be the thing to stop you from chasing your dreams. 

Let Go, To Embrace the New

When we leave somewhere to settle in a new location, there maybe the temptation to go back to everything that we know that feels safe, but you have to remember that this is a part of what your old life has written for you. It’s not just about physical stuff, but it’s the emotions and the mental thoughts, and they all fill up the well in your mind, body, and soul. It’s important to process all the feelings, especially those fears that come up with moving to a new location. If you hold onto something tightly, you will never let it go. But learning to let go of the old things can help you to embrace the new. 

There Is Nothing Wrong With Following Your Gut

Sometimes, we just have to trust that things will work out. We can go somewhere new and feel that we’re not fitting in just yet, or we’re not used to the cultural practices. Naturally, if we feel that we don’t fit in, it’s because we’re not used to that way of life, but we shouldn’t use it as an excuse to go back to everything we know. There is absolutely nothing wrong with realising that, sometimes, you get things wrong. But this is why it’s so important to trust your gut and follow your nose. 

Leaving everything behind is an incredible leap into the unknown, but you have to remember that it can be the best decision you will have ever made. For many people, leaving home can be, not just the making of this, but the start of something far better.

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