Five tips to add value to your home

If you are planning to sell your home or just improve the quality of your living space, a key concern will be how to get value for money. Here are a few ways you can add value to your home.

Remodel your cellar

If you live in a house with a cellar or basement, according to some experts, renovating it and converting it into another living space can boost value by up to 30%.

One thing you have to make sure of, though, is that the re-modeling cost per square foot is not more than the price per square foot of the same area. Compared to other types of renovations, converting a cellar is usually the least complex, and sometimes, the least expensive home renovation.

Exterior painting

Can exterior painting add value to your homes? Absolutely. A great painting job not only makes your house look pretty and colorful, but it is also capable of boosting the value of your home by more than 5%. That’s right.

The trick here, however, is that you have to be absolutely sure that your house needs an exterior painting job as the cost, depending on the size of the house, could add up!

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Turn Your Garage Into A Living Space

This will be beneficial if your garage is not in use or you already have enough parking space outside.

Remember that converting your garage into a living space can actually bring down the value of your home if you have no parking space outside. Also, when doing the remodeling, you have to factor in factors such as floor space, floor type, type of garage (detached or not).

When converting your garage, be sure that any development is in line with building codes and other regulations. Any form of renovation that is not up to code will only bring down the value of the house.


Loft Conversion

A loft conversion is regularly mentioned as the best ways to boost the value of homes.

Converting your loft can be a very cost-effective way of increasing the square footage and resale value of your home. However not all lofts can be converted. Factors such as space and type of roof play huge roles.

To be certain whether a loft conversion is possible in your home, you must speak to professional builders. It can get very cold in a loft space, so consider insulating the roof and ceiling.  You can contact the professionals for more info when it comes to cost and other options for insulation.

Partition The House Into Separate Flats

If you have a large house and live in areas where flats are in high demand, dividing your home into separate flats can also boost your home’s value by up to 30%.

One main reason for this increase in value is that partitioning your home into flats will allow you to create rental income. You could consider setting up the new apartment as a small business for short term lets – using services like Airbnb for example. However, before you begin any work, check with your local council if any permissions are required.

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