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What Should Your Website Offer In 2021?

Many people interact with businesses using social media in 2021, and so it’s not uncommon for many businesses to feel that updating and maintaining their website, is unnecessary.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. The standardized nature of social media platforms does put almost everyone on the same page, and provides a familiar platform for users to engage with you as an entity. Yet a website is a platform of your own making, dictating your own terms, and can be the best place to sell your product or service.

Social media shouldn’t be considered an end unto itself. Ideally, the marketing pipeline should draw your potential customers away from your website, and further towards the landing pages you have previously set up.

But what should a website actually offer in 2021, and how can you ensure you offer that?

Excellent support links

One of the best resources a website can offer is a clean, seamless, informative, and immediate means of providing support to your customers if they need it.

This might take the form of an FAQ, an AI wizard that can help with frequently experienced problems or a direct means of opening a live chat with one of your web agents. Support links, to this degree, can potentially help you increase your engagement, solve problems, and close on sales more easily.

Landing pages for every service

Landing pages are not only vital measures by which to increase your SEO standing, but also an informative, digestible, and designed page that helps explain a product or service better than anyone else could, at least, if you get it right. 

While the demand generation your company focuses on will encourage newcomers to know of your brand and perhaps even click on its website, your lead generation efforts will be utilized via a specific landing page, such as by offering a free newsletter, showcasing an exclusive signup bonus form this one page, or simply answering every possible newcomer question that could be asked in a drop-down menu. 

Clear, digestible information

Too many websites focus on looking slick without actually offering any substance. Ideally, your website should have easy-to-read information formatted well for all devices. A worthwhile search bar that can be used to return indexed results on your site can help them save time. Immediate drop-down menus that help a visitor switch between pages can help them avoid having to spend an undue amount of time trying to find that which they need. 

Other helpfull features should be noticeable, such as a banner at the top of the page that allows for immediate account creation. It’s all about making the entire browsing experience both intuitive and informative. You’ll also gain this by using graphic design studios like Design Cloud for the best branding formatting possible.

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