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Celebrate good times – Come on! | Janet Mohapi-Banks

Today is a special day for me! It’s my Precious Birthday! One year ago this month I approached Precious’ founder and CEO, the fabulous Foluke, and asked if she would like me to write a monthly column for you gorgeous people.

It’s been my intention to provide helpful advice and also transformational exercises so you can shift your mindset into the version of You that has EVERYTHING you desire.

The money, the love, the business, the home, it’s all available to you when you know that it is.

So tell me again,

What does that version of You know to be possible for you?

How does that version of You FEEL to have those things?

What does that version of you think like?

Because that’s where the real magic lies – it’s in knowing what’s possible for you, feeling as though you already have it, and thinking in a way that doesn’t drag up any obstacle or opposition to your greatest desires.

And the best way to get there is to celebrate every single step you take.

Celebrate every single win – no matter how small you think it is.

When you do, you start to see More things to celebrate. You get into a flow of feeling awesome with all that you have.

I’ve got these huge oversized mugs and a cup-sized drip filter that sits on top of my cup for my coffee in the morning. Instead of just filling the filter like I would for a regular sized mug I need to fill it, wait a sec, fill it a bit more, wait another second, then fill it up again.

Sometimes, I fill it too much and the coffee pours all over the counter, sometimes I don’t fill it up enough and I take the cup filter off to find half a cup of coffee, but sometimes … sometimes I do my little routine, take the cup-filter off the cup and Oh My Goodness there’s a perfect cup of coffee hiding underneath. These are my best mornings and I celebrate them for all they’re worth.  And because I start the day that way, the rest of the day follow suit.

I prime my mind for good things happening.

And I don’t just do it with the coffee, I do with my imagination too.

Your brain cannot tell the difference between a real thing and an imagined thing so when you close you eyes and visualise your perfect day, that primes your mind for joyful success too.

After the visualisation write it down, revel in it, bask in it and feel the energy of joy rushing through your cells. 

And to give you something really good to celebrate, to honour my Precious Birthday, I’m gifting a free 45 minute coaching call to 5 wonderful Precious people.

All calls must be taken the week beginning Monday 12th July 2021 and there’s no cash equivalent or exchange of prize.

During this free call we uncover and dissolve anything that is stopping you from living the life you want. We will go deeply into your mindset, and using my unique brand of magic, I’ll clear any energy that’s standing in your way.

Doors for the prize draw close on Friday 2nd July.  I’ll be picking names out of the hat and winners will be notified over the weekend.

Enter the prize draw

Janet Mohapi-Banks works with experienced and ambitious female entrepreneurs who want to create a legacy. Mixing metaphysics, mindset, and energy clearings she gets to the root of what’s really stopping them from stepping into their power and creating the business, life, and legacy they know is theirs but they just can’t seem to get to. Connect with Janet: www.janetmohapibankscoaching.com

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