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Why businesses should collaborate | Denise Rawls

We are so delighted to welcome to PRECIOUS Denise Rawls, a seriously experienced business development consultant and founder of Hackney Hive. Denise is expert at helping SMEs make more money and impact with the resources they have. In her monthly column, she will share tips, advice and comment on all things marketing!   In my…

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Marketing | Why Choose You? | Jo Sealy

Many small business owners often feel that being able to stand out from the crowd can be a challenge. The truth is however, that without differentiating yourself  – regularly and consistently – you may well find yourself buried amongst your competitors, vying for attention. In order to plan how you will attract the right kind…

Marketing Gems from Jo Sealy: How Can You Make Money From Your Dot Com?

So, you have a website that’s popular, it has a clear niche, strong traffic figures, loyalty and a community of fans. Perhaps you’re wondering how to go about making money from it? There a number ways of making money from your website. Here are my top 3: 1. Sell your own products and services Ideal for…