Marketing Gems from Jo Sealy: How Can You Make Money From Your Dot Com?

1. Sell your own products and services

Ideal for clients that like to make fast purchase decisions, it’s easy to integrate a website with a shopping cart and accept payment via PayPal or Google checkout. Make sure you collect information about your visitors, collect email addresses wherever possible and ensure you have a contact us page with a physical address on it and a FAQ page – helping to build trust and increase sales.

2. Sell other people’s products and services

The easiest way to do this is to become an affiliate. Find a suitable affiliate scheme (take a look at Affiliate Window or Affiliate Future). You’ll be promoting a partner’s products to your email list and in strategic places throughout your website. In return, you’ll receive a percentage of every sales made with a visitor that purchases goods through your link.

3. Allow advertising on your website

The easiest way to do this is to place Google AdSense units on the page; this enables Google to choose advertisers which match your website content and display those advertisements only. You earn a percentage of the fee the advertiser pays every time a visitors clicks onto the advert. BUT, the visitor will have left your website, so it’s best to use this resource on free information resource websites.

An alterative might be to attract direct advertising. You will have control of your own rates and if you have regular podcasts, newsletters or features it’s an idea to find companies to sponsor them individually, providing more saleable, targeted advertising. Either way, you’ll need to set up a page which details your advertising and sponsorship rates.

By investing in some time, turning your website into a profit generating vehicle can be easier that you think.

Happy Marketing!


Jo Sealy runs www.to-market.co.uk and www.josealyphotography.com

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