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You can start a business, no matter where you started from!

For many years setting up in business was the reserves of the elite. Having a degree was pretty much a staple for starting something new, and you can bet big investors wouldn’t even look twice at some school-leaver trying to do it for herself.

Now, though, things have changed, and internet capabilities alone are making it possible to reach business success no matter where you come from. Even better, this direct creator-audience link means that investors are more open to less obvious opportunities.

Still, years of being made to feel you aren’t good enough could leave you doubting your abilities. This, more than your education or status, could see your startup floundering. And, that’s something only you can overcome.

The thing to remember is that you will inevitably come up against hurdles. Instead of letting these gaps hold your dreams back any longer, remind yourself that you CAN succeed, and it’s as simple as focusing on the following pointers.

Own your skill sets

There’s no place for modesty in business. The second you start to play down your skills is the moment you begin doubting yourself. Instead, do yourself a favour and take pride in the things you are good at.

You might not have years of study behind you, but you’ve got passion enough to create a compelling business plan and put in the work necessary to make things happen. That’s more than many high-flyers can say, and it could spell the difference between failure and success.

Owning the skills you do have could well be enough to get your business off the ground regardless.

Let the outside in

When starting out in business you may feel the need to prove yourself by doing everything. While other entrepreneurs with bigger budgets are outsourcing left, right, and centre, you may sit at your desk for 18 odd hours a day trying to prove you’ve got what it takes to do it all.

But, guess what? You’ll probably end up proving the exact opposite. Instead, accept that you are not some business island, and remember that success is, primarily, about knowing when to get help. Instead of continually trying to cover your knowledge gaps, own them. Seek an IT support partner to tackle technical issues that are above your head, or hire someone to design your website if you don’t know how.

Far from making you look weak, this will give your business the boost it needs, just when it needs it the most.

Think with a global mindset

Once upon a time selling to clients or customers was only feasible if you were both in the same country.

But now, it’s not just important to deal with other nationalities, it’s essential to the growth of your business. This means you’ve got to have an understanding of the wider market, and set up a Euro account if you are dealing with companies within the EU. 

Likewise, you need to have an understanding of the exchange rates so you are able to get the best bang for your Buck, Euro, Rupee, Pound or whatever currency you are dealing with at that moment. 

So many businesses rely on relationships with clients on other continents and this helps everybody to get into a global mindset so the business can go further.

Embrace learning on the job

Learning how to do business via the classroom is one thing, but lessons learnt on the job provide a richer experience. Instead of dwelling on your lack of opportunity; embrace your business as a classroom.

By learning from your mistakes and actively seeking lessons in things you don’t know, you could become more intune than someone who only ever applies classroom-based learning to their efforts.

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