How to create a compelling business plan

Your business plan will be one of the most important tools for showing to banks and investors, to show to relevant people who may be interested in working with you, and for yourself. So what makes a good business plan and what tools do you need to give it the spark it deserves?

Create a strong message

What is your business’ core values and what are the principles that will guide you?

What services and products are you going to be selling?

How can you implement your skills and ideas well and ensure a good solid business?

Why is your company believable and why should people invest time and money into making it thrive?

These are some of key elements you should look at when creating your plan. It takes time and effort to really create this in your mind to the most finest detail, so you can speak about it at any given moment when prompted. Look at how best to go about this here

Present It well

Good presentation is key, your plan and needs to be easy to understand for everyone, not just yourself.
Use graphics and other tools to help you get a good feel to your plan’s hard or digital copy. Look at https://setapp.com/how-to/take-a-scrolling-screenshot to help highlight specific pieces of information.

And also this is important to use the correct terminology to show you are capable and understand what you’re talking about. Every detail matters so be sure to pay attention to that. Use colours, labels, good sentences and structure it will so it doesn’t feel messy or difficult to follow.
If you’re stuck for creative ideas you can look at moodboards

Set Goals

Think about where you want to be in six months, a year and then five years and how you are likely to go about doing this.

Look in detail at:
Your strategy: how will you define your goals? What is your target audience and market and how will you reach them?
Your tactics: how will you promote and market the business? eg. social media strategy, advertising, events.
Finance: how much money do you hope to earn, what are your forecasts, cash flow and do you have any investors or people who will be willing to support you financially.

There is plenty to think about, but ultimately preparing a well thought out business plan is key to your business success

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