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PRECIOUS Nights at the British Library | Entrepreneurship and Mental Health | September 7th

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Join us for an evening of connection and conversation as we talk entrepreneurship and mental health at PRECIOUS Nights at the British Library.

Entrepreneurship can bring joy, but also stress due to the uncertainties, challenges, and heavy workloads of running your own business. It can be difficult to balance work and personal life. But let’s be clear taking care of your mental well-being is a non-negotiable aspect of success.

Join us and our female founder panel as we talk about the realities of maintaining good mental health as an entrepreneur and the tips and tools they have used to remain well.

We cannot wait to welcome you!

Our panel includes:

Danielle is the award-winning Founder and CEO of ABC Life Support CIC, a Social Enterprise First Aid Training organisation, that delivers physical and mental health first aid training across the UK.

She is also the Interim Chief Executive at Black Minds Matter UK, a charity connecting Black individuals and families who want to experience the benefits of therapy with professional Black therapists to support their mental health.

Grace, the founder of DramEd and DramEd Events, delivers educational programmes in schools and nurseries, enriching the lives of children through high-quality arts experiences.

With a focus on empowering performers, fostering educational opportunities, and promoting inclusivity, Grace is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of children and the performing arts community.”


Ekua is a career coach, author and trainer. She is neurodivergent with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. She is no stranger to career change or transitions and is using her positive style to coach ambitious women to unlock their mindset, gain career clarity and create career success on their own terms.

She is the author of a motivational self-help book called, Be Your No.1 Cheerleader, which uses the entrepreneurial journey to encourage active positive self-development.

Be inspired by the stories of our panel and gain the tools to unlock your own path to what is right for you.

After the panel discussion, you’ll have a chance to network with like-minded individuals and expand your professional circle.

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