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Celebrating Excellence: Nominations Open for the 17th Annual PRECIOUS Awards!

The time has come to recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of Black women and women of colour who have made significant contributions to their communities and industries. We are delighted to announce that nominations for the 17th Annual PRECIOUS Awards are now officially open!

The PRECIOUS Awards, founded by the visionary entrepreneur Foluke Akinlose, have become an esteemed platform that showcases and honours the accomplishments of diverse talent across various sectors.

From empowering women and championing diversity to driving positive change and innovation, the awards recognise those who have gone above and beyond to inspire others and create a lasting impact.

Why the PRECIOUS Awards Matter:

The PRECIOUS Awards hold a special place in the hearts of many as they stand for more than just recognition. They represent the celebration of determination, resilience, and the power of diversity in driving meaningful change.

Each year, the awards highlight incredible stories of individuals who have surmounted obstacles, broken barriers, and shattered glass ceilings in their respective fields. These trailblazers serve as beacons of motivation for others, proving that with a plan, passion, and determination, anything is possible.

Founder Foluke Akinlose MBE, a trailblazer herself, articulated the essence of the PRECIOUS Awards, saying: “The awards were established to create a space that celebrates and elevates the achievements of women who often don’t get the recognition they truly deserve. It’s about amplifying their voices and giving them a platform to inspire the next generation of talented individuals.”

Recognising Excellence Across Diverse Categories:

The PRECIOUS Awards encompass a wide range of categories that span different industries. including:

  1. Business of the Year: Recognizing a business that has demonstrated exceptional growth, innovation, and positive social impact.
  2. Young Entrepreneur of the Year: Honoring a young trailblazer who has displayed remarkable acumen and determination in launching and growing their business.
  3. Social Enterprise of the Year: Recognizing an organisation that has harnessed the power of business to bring about positive change and make a lasting difference in society.
  4. Start-up of the Year: Celebrating a promising new venture that has shown exceptional potential and innovation.
  5. Outstanding Woman in STEM: Highlighting a woman who has made significant contributions in the fields of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.
  6. Leadership Award: Honoring an inspiring leader who has driven positive change and empowered others to succeed.

How to Nominate:

To nominate for the PRECIOUS Awards please head to the official website at www.preciousawards.com and fill out the nomination form for the respective category. The deadline for nominations is September 30, 2023. Don’t miss the opportunity to shine a light on those who are making a difference.

Note: The 17th Annual PRECIOUS Awards ceremony will take place on November 17, 2023, at One Great George Street, Westminster, London.

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