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Hello June,

“You are here already? Welcome.” I say with a fake smile through gritted teeth.

Of course, I was expecting her, I just wasn’t ready.

Realising my un-gratefulness, I decided to embrace her with open arms this morning and replaced the fake with a genuine smile.

I then tried to figure out what she had in-store for me for the remaining 213 days of the year. She whispered, “Just do the work and the rest will reveal itself in time.”

I wouldn’t say I am obsessed with time; I just want to feel accomplished as I look back at the end of the year. I don’t think I am alone in that thinking!

So, we are half-way in, how are you getting on with your goals? I feel as if I am behind. Not only because I recently resigned from my (day) job, but also because it has taken two months for the stress and tiredness to ooze out of my body.

The healing process is not time centred. I only now feel like myself again and ready to get things moving, which is why June’s arrival caught me off guard.

Time is something we follow to enable us to work in a uniformed way and time-management helps us construct our day, ticking off the things that are important. However, time to the seeds you plant does not work in the same man-constructed system. When something is ready to bloom it will, as long as you give it the right conditions to thrive.

Time outside of the circumference of a clock is not guaranteed.  It is precious and we cannot assume that another breath will come as the sun rises and a new day begins. So just do your best in each moment of the day. Break your intentions down and build your vision brick by brick consistently. It’s the only way to not feel overwhelmed.

Thanks to Google just about every answer is available now and thanks to Instagram, a moment captured can look like instant success.

However, when t comes to life’s answers, you have to set the question and sometimes experience the answer on the way, whilst comparison is the thief of joy.

The time, the speed of the internet and your timeline cannot be used as indicators to gauge when you should reach YOUR time, so let go and keep building with your vision strong in your mind.


If results were instant, nothing new would be learnt.

If it was easy, you would never leave your comfort zone.

If you knew everything, the journey would be boring.

If the road wasn’t bumpy, you wouldn’t stumble across new ideas and people.

The treasures to be discovered on this journey called life are exciting, we all just need to lose the frenemy called Fear and the killjoy named Pressure.

I love this quote from Oprah “There is no such thing as luck. Success is when preparation meets opportunity”. I absolutely agree with this.

The only things we can truly control is what we do in each moment, so don’t stress about the rest.

Although we are half-way in, I say go all in and take heed of June’s message: “Just do the work and the rest will reveal itself in time.”

Good luck on the journey towards your best self.

Lisa x

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