Can success really make you lose friends? Grace Francis

Friendships can end for all sorts of reasons. Some may come to an end naturally. She who was once a very good friend, may eventually and quite naturally, become an acquaintance. But what do you do, when the friend you considered your ‘best friend for life’, literally, the one you thought you might grow old…

image of Lisa Bent

Lisa Bent | Inside Out | Half-way in

Read the latest from our columnist, transformational counsellor and blogger, Lisa Bent. Check in with Lisa each month, right here, where she writes about personal development, mental health, social issues and a whole lot more… Hello June, “You are here already? Welcome.” I say with a fake smile through gritted teeth. Of course, I was…

Movers and Shakers | Atiti Sosimi CEO | Atiti is distinctly different/The Big Secret Company

Describe your business in one paragraph The Big Secret Company is a new social enterprise organisation, which delivers playful learning communication experience to young people, working professionals and family groups at their locations or by attending our open events. We use our unique resources: The Big Secret – a very short story and Shhh or…

What Does Leadership Mean To You? | Viv Grant

We often think about leadership in the context of an individual being able to lead and influence others. When we look at politicians, world leaders and the media’s projections of what ‘they’ think it means to be a leader, the image often portrayed, is that of the individual who commands authority and respect from others….