Keeping Your Team Motivated Through a Crisis

Whether you’ve just launched your business or you have been running a business for some time, it has never been more important to keep your teams motivated.
Talented professionals have a wide choice of career opportunities, and they won’t think twice about switching from a company to another that aligns better with their values and purpose. So, if you want to keep your company competitive and successful, keeping your teams motivated and engaged is crucial. Here’s a few tips that we hope can help.

Introduce a Reward System

Motivating your employees is not always about giving them a raise, offering a promotion, or providing a bonus. In truth, it’s all about finding out what they are looking for and making them feel valued – in a personal way. Introducing a reward system that’s aimed at recognizisg the hard work and the successes of your teams is an easy way to do all that.  If you need a little more professional guidance about where to get started with this you can find out more, here. https://www.xexec.com

Build a Diverse Team

Professionals and workers spend the majority of their lives at work, which creates a comfortable and inspiring environment for them to thrive. And, in most cases, what makes or breaks a workplace are the people. So, if you are putting together a team, ensure each member is suitable for the mission and vision of your brand but also aligns with the values held by other members. At the same time, don’t forget that workplace diversity is key to creating an inspiring and positive environment.

Keep Everyone Safe

This is an aspect that has gained importance over the past months.

Indeed, returning to the office can represent a dreaded step for many talents, especially those in the areas that were more severely impacted by the pandemic’s complications. So, creating a safe place where all of your team members can focus on their tasks and projects without having to worry about the risk of contagion is crucial. This can not only keep them more engaged and motivated but also enhance their productivity. If you are aiming towards this goal, make sure you are providing all the necessary PPE and introducing social distancing measures.

Ask About Their Inspirations

Sometimes, it is the details that can help you win over the loyalty of an employee.

While promotions and pay raises are usually welcome, often, an employee has a specific desire they want to fulfil. For example, one of your talents might wish to switch to another department or role, or some might prefer to take on a part-time role so they can achieve a better work-life balance. In any case, assessing their personal goals is easy – you can do so through a one-to-one review. This can help you better understand the nature of your workforce and manage it in a way that is more suitable for both your company and each team member.



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