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5 Marketing Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Right Now

There are some marketing mistakes that can cause severe damage to your business. Here are five common mistakes and tips on what you can do to correct them. 

Marketing without a strategy

It’s important that your marketing has a strategy behind it and that you’re not just throwing out ideas randomly and seeing what works. By creating clear goals and planning out campaigns you can get more out of your marketing. Consider scheduling time each week to focus on marketing and create a plan outlining what you want to achieve. This guide Content Marketing Strategy Checklist – 12 Steps To Launch Your Next Campaign is an example of how to strategize your marketing.

Not measuring the results

Without measuring the results of your marketing, you’ll never know if you achieved your marketing goals. Measuring the results of each campaign can help you get a good idea of what you’re doing right and what you can improve.

The way you measure the results may vary depending on your goal. If your aim is to generate more web traffic, then use web analytics to measure the results. If your aim is to build brand awareness, you may be able to survey consumers to see if they remember your brand. If your aim is to generate more direct customers, you may be able to use customer surveys and other lead tracking tools to do this.

No budget

If you don’t have a marketing budget, you could risk spending too much to the point that any leads generated are pointless (there’s no point generating extra sales if the money earned through these sales is much less than the money spent on attracting these leads).

Set yourself a monthly budget and stick to this. If you start to get more leads from your marketing, you may be able to increase your budget to accommodate for the extra earnings – don’t increase your budget if you’re not getting leads already. 

Focusing on the wrong audience

Not knowing your target audience is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in marketing. You could end up wasting time and money promoting your products and services to people that aren’t interested. Spend time working out exactly who your key audience are and work out the best ways of connecting with them. This guide How To Find Your Target Audience offers more information.

Lying to your customers

Lying to customers in order to increase sales is one of the most damaging mistakes you can make. Don’t do it. It could get you in legal trouble if you’re found out to be lying and have a lasting negative impact on your reputation.   While there are some things you may want to leave out of your marketing, you shouldn’t ever make claims that are wholly untrue.

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