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What To Remember When Starting a New Life

Making the move to pack up your life and make the incredible leap into the unknown can be scary, but it could turn out to be the best decision you’ll have ever made. Creating a new life in a new country can be, not just the making of us, but the start of something far…

4 Signs that it’s Time to Take a Break From Your Business

Many business owners can shy away from taking a break from their business in fear that it portrays weakness or might lead to failure. However, you can’t keep pouring from an empty cup when you eventually burn out. Everyone needs a break sometimes to unwind and relax, but it doesn’t always mean taking a vacation….

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4 easy tips to inspire unmotivated employees

When a new member of staff joins your business, they’re often full of enthusiasm and no task is too big for them to take on. But as times rolls by, sometimes motivation wanes. And by the time they’re 24 to 36 months into their new role, their engagement levels are back to baseline – as…

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Movers and Shakers | Karen F Burke | Business Owner/ Co-founder

Karen F Burke , ACMA, MAAT, DipPPC, is a business owner, Power Up coach (Personal Performance & Business), author, speaker and accountant. She is co-founder, with her husband Devon, of the MindBody Therapy Centre in London. They also run a health and wellbeing social enterprise called, Therapy 4 Healing. She is also the author of…