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4 easy tips to inspire unmotivated employees

When a new member of staff joins your business, they’re often full of enthusiasm and no task is too big for them to take on. But as times rolls by, sometimes motivation wanes. And by the time they’re 24 to 36 months into their new role, their engagement levels are back to baseline – as an employer that’s not what you want. 

The good news is that there are fresh ways to motivate employees to do the best job possible long-term. Here’s a few of our favourites

Insist That Your Employees Take Breaks

Some employees will work and work and work until they completely burn out. After a while, their bodies simply can’t keep up with the demands that they place on them. 

The tip here is to insist that your staff take regular breaks. No ifs, no buts. Once they have time to recover and recharge, they’ll be able to put their all into their work once more. 

Show Them The End Game

Employees who are just grinding away all day long often get completely lost in their work. Many times, they can’t see the bigger picture you’re trying to create. Their lives feel like Groundhog Day. They’re just doing the same thing, over and over again, and the years are passing them by. 

That’s why top business leaders always show their employees the end game – what they’re working to achieve. This way, they can see the forest for the trees and won’t feel so bogged down in what they’re doing. 

Hire Motivational Speakers

A powerful move to inspire your colleagues is to invite a range of inspirational speakers as a business? These professionals can actually change how your people view their work and give them a new perspective. In many cases, a motivational talk can provide a whole new perspective. 

Offer Leadership Opportunities

Some employees feel unmotivated because you aren’t giving them adequate opportunities to lead. They feel like they’re down in the trenches, continually slaving away without really getting the chance to show both themselves and others what they are capable of.

Offering leadership opportunities changes this dynamic. All of a sudden, colleagues feel like they have real agency and can make decisions by themselves. This process gives them a sense of ownership and encourages them to play a more active role in the firm. Often, the most unsuspecting employees can make the best leaders. So it takes an executive with a sharp eye to spot them. 

Show Them Trust

If you’re helicoptering around employees all day long, checking in on everything they’re doing, you’ll create an oppressive atmosphere. Workers will do whatever they can to circumvent your rules and regulation. And that can ultimately hurt the atmosphere in your business
Start by showing them trust. You’ll often find that the fewer rules you implement, the better the quality of work becomes. 

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