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How Will You Plan A Business Event Post-Pandemic?

For many of us, the changes brought about by the pandemic have become almost second nature After a year with most of us working from home, for at least some of the time, the “before times” seem like a faint memory. While it is true that much of what a business needs can be done…

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What Should Your Website Offer In 2021?

Many people interact with businesses using social media in 2021, and so it’s not uncommon for many businesses to feel that updating and maintaining their website, is unnecessary. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The standardized nature of social media platforms does put almost everyone on the same page, and provides a familiar platform…

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Celebrate good times – Come on! | Janet Mohapi-Banks

Today is a special day for me! It’s my Precious Birthday! One year ago this month I approached Precious’ founder and CEO, the fabulous Foluke, and asked if she would like me to write a monthly column for you gorgeous people. It’s been my intention to provide helpful advice and also transformational exercises so you…

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PRECIOUS Nights at the British Library Online | 1st July

Save the date, grab your drink of choice and join our panel of award-winning women of colour for an evening of conversation and motivation! Book your ticket The PRECIOUS Awards was founded in 2007 to celebrate and applaud the professional and entrepreneurial achievements of women of colour in the UK. PRECIOUS Nights is a monthly event…