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Your next level isn’t out there

It’s time to stop thinking about the competition and  take imperfect action, says our resident mindset coach, Janet Mohapi-Banks

As we travel down this entrepreneurial journey, we sometimes collect skills and knowledge like they’re going out of fashion. Especially if you’re an online, service-based entrepreneur, the distraction and noise of social media platforms can be overwhelming.

But as soon as we start paying more attention to what’s going on out there, then what’s going on inside, we lose our balance and our self-trust is eroded. It’s very easy to get into a pattern of thought of not being good enough, not being far enough along, and as though you’re in competition with everybody else in your field.

I’m here to tell you that you’re not.

You’re not in competition with anybody else – ever!

They are on their journey, you are on yours.  And even if the journey seems to be going to the same destination, the roads that you’re taking are completely unique because you perceive every single step slightly differently to everybody else.

You might come across someone you’ve previously thought of as a competitor who seems to be having more success than you are.

What you don’t see is the fact that their marriage might be failing, their business might be drowning in debt and they’re on the verge of becoming an alcoholic.

Do you really want to change places with them?

Or maybe you look out across Facebook or LinkedIn land and see the posts celebrating $100K months from somebody who has had an online business for a millisecond compared with you.

What you don’t see is that this person has already established themselves in the offline space. They come from a long line of entrepreneurs including both parents and both sets of grandparents.  Whilst you were playing with toys, they were already studying profit and loss sheets and how to master sales conversions.

Your starting points were completely different so any comparison you make is wildly unfair. Not even a twin sibling is a fair comparison because they have experienced a different reality to you even if they’ve been walking by your side the entire way.

A slightly different view point makes all the difference to what you see.

The only person you can ever truly be in competition with is yourself.

Are you a more confident version of yourself today than you were yesterday?

If not, why not? How can you view things differently to give yourself a boost?

Have you moved your financial needle in the right direction today?

If not, why not? Who else could you reach out to to open up a revenue stream? Who do you need to Be to be a vibrational match the money you want?

Is your mindset and self-belief stronger today than it was yesterday?

If you answer no, have a really good look as to why that is.  What story are you believing to be true?  How can you change the story? Because anything you’re telling yourself about yourself that doesn’t feel good is a lie.

Are you actually taking the steps that you need to take or are you too busy looking around?

Have you been telling yourself a story of not having the leads, not having the clients, not having the resources, knowledge or skills that you need so you’ve accidentally kept yourself frozen exactly where you are?

Are your answers default responses designed by your ego to keep you treading water and out of the scary place of unknown growth?

Make the aim of today to take one step forward. Choose to ignore the voice that tells you that you don’t know enough yet, and take imperfect action instead of picking up another ‘How To’ book.

Procrastination by education is a very deep well that many intelligent, and diligent entrepreneurs fall into because it makes them feel busy and as though they’re doing “something”.

To really move your business forward, you need to decide to stop learning, decide to stop looking at what other people are doing and to choose to stand in your power and step forwards instead.

Build momentum with forward action and always keep your eyes on your own prize.


Janet Mohapi-Banks works with experienced and ambitious female entrepreneurs who want to create a legacy. Mixing metaphysics, mindset, and energy clearings she gets to the root of what’s really stopping them from stepping into their power and creating the business, life, and legacy they know is theirs but they just can’t seem to get to. Connect with Janet: www.janetmohapibankscoaching.com

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