Three Tips To Be More Productive

When you are self-employed it can be difficult to manage everything, not get stressed and stop yourself from putting on too much pressure. This can lead to you been less productive than you would like, which in turn, damages your success. There are, however, ways that you can make sure you are as productive as you would like to be, it’s just about setting yourself up for success. 

Here are three easy wins that could help


Plan Ahead

Although been self-employed does give you freedom, if you want to be successful it’s best to try and plan ahead.

The best way of doing this is by creating a working schedule. If you have stepped away from a traditional nine to five job it can be easy to feel a little defeated when creating a schedule but remember that your schedule can be changed as much as you like. Create a routine and include tasks such as checking your emails, corresponding with clients, writing content and looking after your finances, but leave wiggle room for changing it if you need to.

If you’re someone who needs to be able to jump at opportunities that tend to crop up last minute, don’t stress over breaking your schedule, instead, relish in the fact that you are able to change it as and when you need to. 


Make Your Job As Easy As Possible

Yes, being self-employed can be challenging, but there are ways you can make it as easy as possible for you.

Using software like business templates word, having a decent camera, using a computer or laptop that is suited to your line of work and outsourcing the bigger tasks such as accountancy are all great ways that you can make your job run smoothly and easily.

There are, of course, loads of ways you can do this you just need to research areas such as outsourcing, software facilities and the latest working trends


Review Your Work 

One of the best ways to be productive is to identify any problem areas quickly.

When you complete a task, set aside some time to review what you have completed and identify anything that you could improve on. A great way of helping you to do this is to ask for feedback from clients and customers. Don’t be afraid to hear anything that you might view as bad.  Criticism can be constructive and can give you feedback that you can work on to improve your productivity.

 Once you’ve been able to look over your work and gather some feedback, it’s a nice touch to go back to the people who provided you with the advice and show them how you’ve improved. This could  also a great way to gain further custom for your business


These three tips can help you to be more productive as a self-employed person, do you have anything else that could help? Please share them in the comments below. 

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