Three tips to be a success in business

Do you want to be a successful women in business?  Women of colour are setting up in business at a unprecedented rate. In fact, figures show they are starting new businesses faster than any other demographic. A recent survey conducted in the US, revealed that women of colour account for 89% (1,625) of the new businesses opened every day.

To set up in business you need that killer idea, a drive that just won’t quit, and the knowledge needed to be able to run a business. This  triple combination, can help you become the success in business that you want to be.

Be A Strong Leader

If you are not a natural-born leader and you’ve always struggled for your voice to be heard, stepping up as an entrepreneur is the time for this to change. You’re now the captain of your own ship, and it’s your chance to develop your skills as a leader.

You could benefit from going to motivational speaking classes. There are classes specifically designed for women to get their voices heard in the business world. When you do get to the point of hiring employees, the ability to lead, is something that your team are going to look for in their leader.

Treat your staff as equals because essentially they are when they are working to help you earn money.

Open, honest and respectful communication is necessary in the team. People need to feel free to express their opinions and offer solutions to problems. People need to feel that team members listen to them and support most of their suggestions. Staff members should feel comfortable asking questions for clarification, rather than creating reservations while their peers talk. Do they all know each other’s names? If not, it’s important to get some ID badges. Take a look at the The Lanyards Factory to see some products to help you. Uniqueness is also important to nurture.

Team members should be perceived as unique people with irreplaceable added value, as well as unique perspectives, knowledge and opinions that they can contribute. After all, the purpose of team building is to take advantage of the differences. The more the team can present different points of view, the better.

Creativity and innovation also plays a part. Team members should recognize that the power the team has is that each member brings diversity to an effort to solve a problem, improve a process, reach a goal or create something new and exciting. The team should constantly examine itself and continually improve the processes and practice.

Team members should hold review sessions that assess the team process and progress in approaching and achieving the team’s mission. This way, you can move forwards  and help your team in every single way.

Be particular

You are now going to become your own boss. You will need to start being picky about whom you hire, who you work with and what kind of capabilities you want staff and your business to have. You may have to choose particular software for the kind of business you run. For example, If you want to own your own salon, pick the best Salon Appointment Booking Software you can. It will allow you to schedule clients, colour-code your appointments, allocate employees to specific jobs and keep everything in order. No matter what kind of business you run, be particular with everything.

Have Your Business Spread Far & Wide

Your business needs exposure if you want to gain the traction you need to become successful. Check out physicaladdress.com, you’ll find a way of having a virtual address that makes your business seem as though it is in another location. If you’re a national business at the minute, this might be a good tactic if you want to go international. For example, a common trade route for many businesses in the UK is the United States, so having a virtual office address in the US is going to make a real difference. 

Understand Brand Promotion 

Brand promotion is so important. You’re never going to be able to take that leap from a small brand to a bigger brand if you don’t constantly work on ways to promote it. Securing a talk on a local radio station, attending trade events, and setting up a blog on your business website can all help with brand promotion. There are companies who work specifically alongside businesses like yours to help with promotion as well!

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