Precious Nights

Join us for PRECIOUS Nights: An Audience with Dorothy Koomson | June 1st

Join us for an evening with Britain’s biggest selling black author of adult fiction

Join us for PRECIOUS Nights at The British Library | Building a Business with Faith | May 4th

Come and join us for the May edition of PRECIOUS Nights where our panel discussion will focus on the topic of faith and entrepreneurship. Each of our panellists brings a unique perspective to the discussion and will provide valuable insights into how they have been able to balance their faith and entrepreneurial pursuits. The panel…

Join us for PRECIOUS Nights at The British Library: Changing your relationship with money | March 2nd

Improving your relationship with money is probably one of the most important things you can do in your life. Your relationship with money plays a huge role in how you manage your money, how much you make, and how much you can save. Join us at the British Library, this International Women’s month where PRECIOUS…

Join us for PRECIOUS Nights at The British Library: The Business of Wellbeing | February 2nd

Starting and growing a business can be exhilarating and exciting and it can also drive us to put our well-being at the very bottom of our to-do list. In this month’s edition of PRECIOUS Nights, we’ll be discussing the steps we can take to guard ourselves against burnout and overflow. We’ll be asking our panel:…