image of Kayleigh, founder of bindlondon with copy of Vogue magazine

The story behind BIND London and why Rihanna’s Vogue cover mattered

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘durag’? Does Vogue magazine come to mind? Probably not. That’s why the latest Vogue cover was such a jaw dropping moment for me. Let me explain. My name is Kayleigh Benoit and I’m the founder of BIND London, a high-fashion sportswear brand. As someone passionate…


How to save a faltering crowdfunding campaign

Why is it that crowdfunding campaigns that look strong on paper can sometimes struggle, and others look potentially weaker yet go amazingly well? Timing is key. If the market isn’t ready for your product, regulation holds back earning potential, or your ideal investors are distracted with another campaign, you won’t get the investment you’re hoping…

hubandculture Peckham

London based female focused artisan hub needs support to stop closure

Founded by sisters, Akua Ofosuhene and Nana Evan, Hub and Culture, a 28 strong band of African and Caribbean artists and designers based in Peckham High Street, London, is faced with closure. Hub and Culture is the quintessential home of all things African centred. The hub houses 28 artisans under one roof offering vibrant home furnishing, …