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London based female focused artisan hub needs support to stop closure

Founded by sisters, Akua Ofosuhene and Nana Evan, Hub and Culture, a 28 strong band of African and Caribbean artists and designers based in Peckham High Street, London, is faced with closure.

Hub and Culture is the quintessential home of all things African centred. The hub houses 28 artisans under one roof offering vibrant home furnishing,  jewellery, nourishing body care products, unique essential oil blends, luxurious fashion clothing, and many more products inspired by and created on the continent.

Co-founder Akua Ofosohene, says,

“We wanted to create a One Stop Shop of all things African and Caribbean, somewhere we could showcase the vibrancy and talents of our African community and share our wares with the fantastically multicultural, warm and welcoming community of Peckham.

We have been so pleased with the response and surprised at how far customers are travelling to visit our shop which goes to show how much demand there is for a shop like Hub and Culture”

Local venue

Hub and Culture had recently opened its doors as a much-needed local venue for spoken word, talks and painting classes. It was about to launch a course in Kemetic Yoga classes when it received the sad news that it will have to close it’s doors to the public on October 25th.

Nana Evans, co-founder,

We are so grateful for the love and support we have been shown by the community and feel a real sense of the wider family and a deep feeling it;s where we belong. I would like to add that If it wasn’t for Pempeople, our landlord, giving us such favourable terms and conditions we would never have been able to stay for so long, we were allowed to pay our rent weekly. No commercial landlord does that.

The members of Hub and Culture are determined to do everything they can to raise the money needed to rent a shop on Peckham High street big enough for them all to fit in.

Even though time is tight they are busily arranging a programme of events and sale.  All proceeds raised will go towards the £9,000 needed for a deposit on a new venue somewhere on Peckham High Street

Check out the crowdfunding page here


Hub and Culture
89 Peckham high street
SE15 5RS


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