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Simple ways to look after damaged skin

Our skin goes through a lot in life and it can become damaged, whether it be from sun damage or through trauma. For example, if you had a piercing like a tragus piercing, this will cause skin trauma and if not looked after properly can lead to skin damage even on your ear! That is why looking after your skin and knowing how you can look after your skin to help it recover is really important.

If you are looking to look after your skin more and you think you may have some sort of skin damage but you are unsure what you can do to help repair your skin, then these few tips will help!

Repair your skin by helping your body internally

The best place to start is by boosting your body internally to help your skin recover better and get healthier. You can do this in a few ways that are not major changes you would have to make in your lifestyle so it can be done fairly easily. 

Take in more vitamin C and protein

When it comes to your body making collagen, which is what shores up skin structure and firms the skin, vitamin C has a huge part to play. By taking in more vitamin C through citrus fruits, spinach and peppers, you can help to boost collagen production. Then if you are looking to help rebuild your cells then take in more protein, this can be found in many foods, such as red meat, nuts and beans.

Increase your zinc intake

Another way to increase collagen and for tissue repair is through zinc, it helps to create synthetic proteins in your body too, which helps to rebuild the cells. You can increase your zinc intake by eating, soybeans, fish, mushrooms, and egg yolks. 

Decrease the junk

Junk food is naturally not good for you due to its high sugar, salt and fat content. It can really damage your skin, making it greasy, and causing spots. It can also block the healthy things in your body being produced so cutting out junk is really doing your skin a favour..

Try meditation and daily exercise

Exercise does more than get you healthy and help you lose weight, it also has internal benefits. By getting your blood pumping you increase how much and how quickly blood is delivered around the body, especially to the parts being worked out so this helps to get nutrients to the parts of your body that are in need of repair quicker.

Meditating or just relaxing your body, decreases your stress which helps to reduce the stress to your skin too. Stress affects your skin and can cause wrinkles and dry skin. Try relaxing a bit to help your skin.

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