PRECIOUS Nights Online | The August 2020 edition

PRECIOUS Nights is a monthly event that gives you the opportunity to hear from previous PRECIOUS Award winners . Join us as they share the highs, lows and lessons of their journey and give actionable tips and advice.

The evening is about storytelling, connecting, honesty and community in a unique atmosphere of collaboration and motivation.
It’s a lovely opportunity to build your network with new contacts and friends – even in these times of physical distancing! So join us on Zoom for the August edition of this special event. Book your ticket now

Meet our panel

Shalom Lloyd

Shalom is the Founder of Naturally Tribal Skincare, a natural chemical free skincare company built on valuing healthy, ethical aimage of Shalom Lloyd, panel member of Precious Nightsnd sustainable living whilst empowering African women.
The company was born as Shalom was looking for a remedy for her son’s eczema. She looked to her African heritage for a way to help manage her son’s skin condition and found it in an old family skincare recipe from Nigeria.

Key to the Naturally Tribal story is their collaboration with the Shea Butter producers of Nigeria’s Essan Kingdom. This mutually beneficial relationship with the community of Essan has evolved into a successful commercial set of products.
She is a Commonwealth Export Champion, a Mentor, and a STEM Ambassador.
Shalom won the PRECIOUS Outstanding Woman in STEM Award in 2017.

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imge of Kisha BradleyKisha Bradley

Kisha is an engineer and activist for diversity in innovation. She created Bright Box Makerspace so socially excluded young people can access making. She is also Co-Founder of #GirlsWithDrills.

Kisha’s passion is around inspiring the next generation. Brightbox Makerspace brings STEM to disadvantaged communities with a mobile makerspace and free activities. Brightbox takes its mobile makerspaces to communities for all children to play. It is a place where children can explore technology and meet makers at drop-in sessions, workshops and camps.

Girlswithdrills was born after a shared frustrations over the lack of confidence in children, and especially girls. Why are so many people not able to access the vital skills needed for them to thrive in the future?

GirlsWithDrils believe that by giving children equal access to making, they’re helping them gain the skills they need for careers they otherwise wouldn’t consider. They are encouraging tomorrow’s inventors, programmers and tinkerers. After all, many of today’s children will have jobs that don’t yet exist.’

Kisha won the 2019 PRECIOUS Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

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image of sandra brown pinnockSandra Pinnock-Brown

Sandra is the founder of Xsandy’s Hair & Cosmetics and Primal Beauty Natural Hair & Skin Care Brand.

With over 20 years’ experience in mental health care, Sandra started her first business with her husband in 2008. This was a care home which looked after psychiatric patients being rehabilitated from a secure hospital environment back into the community.

By 2011, the team had 11 homes with over 70 staff members looking after over 200 patients. In addition to providing care in their community.Fate played its part in Sandra’s entrance into the Afro Hair & Beauty business. When visiting her brother in New York, she was introduced to a businessman from Cambodia who was looking for investors for his fledgling hair business. Sandra seized the opportunity to invest and became a partner in a business she had not yet seen. This partnership led to the launch of Sandra’s own hair manufacturing business in 2011, which is going strong to this day.

As rewarding as they were, the stress of running these businesses for over 15 years took its toll, and Sandra’s hair bore the brunt of it and started to fall out.

When trying to remedy the situation, she was misadvised and sold ineffective products by high street retailers. What was most frustrating was lack of product knowledge demonstrated by the store staff. It was this poor service that motivated her to launch Primal BeautyIn 2016, Primal Beauty won the PRECIOUS award for the Best Natural Hair Care.

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