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So this month’s column is a little different. I am going to share snippets of my thoughts, journal and Facebook posts from the last two weeks because sometimes, I think a point needs more life to serve better.


Tues 24th July

I was honoured to host the first PRECIOUS Lifestyle Awards at Google HQ in London. When I was told about the venue, I immediately knew which room the event was going to take place in and my heart smiled. You see I fell in love with that space three years ago and three years later I got the chance to host there. I felt at home.

Weds 27th July

Blood Moon and the longest total lunar eclipse of 21st Century. The Moon is powerful, it governs the tides and it also impacts us. I am so sensitive to it. I had a headache all day which I couldn’t shake off. I also noticed that the buzz I felt from hosting was starting to pass as everyday world and work life  kicked in.

Sat 28th July  

Rasta man on his bike singing at the station. Rides up to me, stops and asks me to buy his music. I say “I am good thanks”. He said “I didn’t ask how you are. Black people never support …”

I cut in and tell him off. “Don’t do that projection shit on me. Do I have change? What is your name? What have you done to make me want to buy your music apart from cussing me?”

He humbled himself. The tone changed immediately and he apologised. Our train was delayed, so he spoke with me for 20 minutes,  interchanging between songs. Not gonna lie, I was embarrassed for the first three minutes because he was singing so loud, but that soon passed. He is a conscious musician who only sings uplifting songs and everything he said came out like a motivational speech.

Below is a snippet of what I remembered. You have to read it in a Jamaican accent. The caps are the words you have to put full passion into saying .

“I don’t want to work for anyone where I rely on THEM FOR MY LIFE. If I can dream, why can’t I make money from my dreams, in the same way that owner of the company did? I believe in MYSELF (slaps chest) AND THERE IS NOTHING anyone can say and tell ME. I would rather TRY and fail than to never start. If you keep trying, the probability that I WILL SUCCEED at some point is LIKELY. I want to live my life to the fullest”.

Train comes.

“Sistah, I am sorry for disrespecting you at the beginning but thanks for listening to me. I spoke about myself, but what I want to say to you is, if YOU have a dream, please do it now. We all have everything INSIDE US and that needs to COME OUT! YOUR GIFT NEEDS TO COME OUT. NO MEDIOCRE LIFE. FULL 100%. Bless”.

I think we both learnt something. He humbled himself and I let go of the beginnings of embarrassment, which is ego sitting in judgement, to hear from this inspiring man who gave me the message I needed to hear as a nudge to remember.

Sun 29th July

What is it with birds shitting on me? Second time in three months. However, I am grateful it missed my hair and face again. I will now ponder on my lucky wins that will soon come.

Mon 30th July

The funkiest of Monday’s ever to exist. The skies were grey and everyone was flat. I personally had no energy and was feeling a bit low. Spoke to a friend and we were both reflective about relationships and what we wanted in life and career. Hope,  as I get older, feels like wishful thinking. Faith and belief are my invisible friends that sing “Nothing for you will pass you”.

Tues 31st July

Got talking to a guy at a private members club. It was the best random exchange I have ever had. He gave me his number on a receipt with style and class as he left. Did not expect that. Loved it. The whole encounter felt like a weird mix between the films Serendipity and Sliding Doors.

Thursday 2nd August

Just now I saw the fittest guy ever. He had to be a model. I was praying he would get off at my stop. He was sitting next to a guy who kept looking over.

My stop arrives.  I get up hoping Mr. Model would too, I had already psyched myself up to speak to him, (even though I asked the Universe why couldn’t I have seen him yesterday, because I looked better. I had to discard that thought quick time).

Anyway, Mr. Model remained seated and that was that. GONE. WHYYYYYYYY UNIVERSE WHY?

I arrive at the top of the escalators and catch Mr. Confidence hovering at the barriers. I pretend I dont’t see him. I walk out the station and think nothing more and then…. Mr. Confidence motions me to take my earphones out.

I respected the work he put in, the whole approach and the exchange…I just didn’t fancy him.

3rd July 2018

I was sitting in Yvonne Orji’s comedy show minding my own business (at the front) and I got called out for my “melanin popping skin and white teeth”. Before I knew it, the whole audience knew my name, knows I am single and ready to mingle lol.

Yvonne was fantastic and so funny. In her skit she mentioned a dating scenario, she is now with someone and expressed there is hope. After the show I saw her, and she did a video basically selling me as a good catch, go to my Instagram to view.


The reason I have shared in this way is to show you there are signs everywhere and nothing is by chance. You can want what you want, but the universe/God/Source/( insert your word) knows what you need and that is what you will get. This is how it occurs for me.

We also need to remember that Earth is a bubble within the grand scheme of the universe.  We live in a society of constructed ideas and belief systems which are programmes. Understand this, process this and still walk your path holding hands with your invisible friends, Faith and Belief.

The universe and your ancestors have your back.

So I say…

No situation is permanent.

Do what you can do with what you have.

Be in control of your mind, words and actions and know nothing for you will pass you.

Laugh and learn to see the blessings within your perceived lack.

Pay attention and you will see magic happens every day.

Good luck on the journey back to self.


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