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It’s this or something better | Janet Mohapi-Banks

Have you ever noticed that, sometimes, just as everything finally feels as though it’s all going to work out in exactly the way you’ve envisioned it something pops us that feels like a bomb going off in your smooth pond creating ripples that effect every other aspect of your life?

What do you do when that happens?

For a lot of people, these ‘bomb-type’ events can lead to overwhelm, high stress, and nagging thoughts in your head of “nothing ever works out”, “maybe I should just quit”, or “who was I to think that it could be that easy anyway?”.

The situation is only intensified when you feel as though it was your fault that the bomb went off in the first place.  Maybe you didn’t read the fine print, or you trusted the wrong person.  Whatever the reason, you put so much blame and shame upon yourself that you momentarily forget all the things that you’ve done right and have gone well. 

The problem with those thoughts and self-blame is that they lead to more thoughts like them that cause you to want to either drink or shop your problems away or hide underneath the duvet until the dust settles.

Often it’s important to spend a little bit of time licking your wounds and acknowledging the fullness of the situation, but if you stay there for more than a few hours, you need to redirect your attention away from the problem and towards the solution.

Some great questions to ask yourself at times like these are:

How can you see this blow up as an opportunity?

If this is a re-direction, to where could you be being led?

What is going right at the moment?

Your Highest Self is always looking out for you and when things appear to be going wrong it’s because there’s a greater opportunity out there. 

It’s a chance to re-confirm your desires and re-decide to achieve them no matter what.

So reframe the situation, lift your chin, look towards the direction you’re heading in, and take the steps that are needed to get there. 

Just a tiny step in the right direction will lead to a bigger step. Before you know it, you’ll be back to full steam ahead, achieving your dreams in leaps and bounds.

Janet Mohapi-Banks works with experienced and ambitious female entrepreneurs who want to create a legacy. Mixing metaphysics, mindset, and energy clearings she gets to the root of what’s really stopping them from stepping into their power and creating the business, life, and legacy they know is theirs but they just can’t seem to get to. Connect with Janet: www.janetmohapibankscoaching.com

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