Industries worth looking at in a post COVID world

When it comes to the recent pandemic and the way this year has gone,  so many of  us have been left considering what to do about their jobs, or faced with no job at all because of the recent downturns with businesses. It’s a scary time for so many right now, and because of this, you need to think about what your future holds. You may be thinking about a new job, retraining or starting your own business. But which industries are worth looking at right now?

The personal care industry

One thing is for sure, we all need personal care products and these are things that we will still continue to buy, whether we are in a pandemic or not. The personal care industry hasn’t seen much movement in results like some industries have in these last few months. Whether you look at manufacturing or the retail side of things, the personal care industry is still looking like it will continue to thrive.

The energy industry

The reason why some  energy companies are doing so well is because there has been increased activity at home because of lockdown measures and the importance of working from home and staying indoors. It has seen energy profits on the rise, even in times where usage should have been at a lower level for households. Working in the energy sector, be it for one of the big main providers in all areas or for lower more localised offerings could be a good move to make this year.

Technology and software industries

With the increased encouragement to work from home and to avoid face to face interaction, it means that technology and software industries are booming with remote working options for people. You could look into getting involved in some of these companies that will help people to continue working from home effectively.

The online retail industry

With people stuck at home, it means that so many people have had to consider buying shopping online. Whether that is your food, clothes or other items you have wanted or needed, the online shopping industry has boomed. Retailers like Amazon have seen huge profits and also retailers with online delivery have seen that side of their business increase dramatically.  On the flip side, starting your own online business could abe a great idea right now. More people are used to shopping online these days and are seeking to support smaller and localised businesses in this way, so it could be a great move to make.


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