Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Dear Precious Community,

I want to take a moment to acknowledge the events that have taken place over the last few weeks.

I want to make a clear statement on behalf of myself and PRECIOUS.

Like many of you, I have been hurting over the most recent outbursts of violence against Black bodies in the US. The murderous intent of Amy Cooper. The murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor,
Like so many of you, I feel anger, exhaustion, grief. Like so many of you I am finding it difficult to find the joy right now.

Also, like many of you, I am hurting because I know that here in the UK, our communities know only too well that these recent events are not ‘just’ an US issue.

Part of the reason why PRECIOUS exists is to create space for black people and other marginalised voices to be seen, heard, celebrated and elevated. With that said, we are exploring ways of how we can lend our voice to the movement that is gaining traction right now.

We will also be addressing some of these issues at PRECIOUS Nights on Thursday along with creating a safe space for people to share their thoughts and feelings.

These are testing times, but I also believe that this is an opportunity for us to see change in a way we haven’t in a long time. There is a systemic shift coming. For the better. I really believe that.

Black Lives Matter. Everywhere.
I will continue the work I have started with PRECIOUS in making sure that message is heard loud and clear and placing the value deserved on Black Lives.

Thank you for being a part of the journey.
Foluke x
(Founder PRECIOUS)

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