woman sitting on bed looking at phone

Annoying Phone Problems, And What To Do About Them

Smartphones have changed all our lives. Practically everyone has one they connect us to each other and give us capabilities that we couldn’t have dreamed of in the past. 

But, as with any technology, they come with problems. While they are engineering marvels, they have some serious limitations. 

It’s Slow To Respond

Nothing is more annoying than pressing an icon on your phone and having to wait for five minutes for the associated app to load. Often, you need your phone to respond immediately, especially if you’re giving directions or you are busy that day.

Usually, the problem is that your phone’s cache is full. You can think of the cache as being a little bit like working memory. The fuller it gets, the less wiggle room it has. 

Fortunately, you can clear the cache in settings. Just go to your phone’s storage and memory option and then select a box instructing the phone to “clear cache.”

You can also try to resolve this problem by clearing data from phone memory. Again, this frees up much-needed space on your device for the operating system.

The Battery Doesn’t Last Long

Short battery life is another extremely annoying phone issue and one that researchers still haven’t been able to solve fully. Most smartphones are designed to last around a day of normal usage before they peter out. However, if you have many apps and processes running in the background, it’s less than this. You may find out that your phone runs out of battery in just a few hours. 

To reduce this, make sure that you delete any apps that you don’t use that are hogging system resources. Just don’t allow it. 

Also, be sure that you adjust your brightness so that it is suitable for your environment. Don’t whack it up to maximum unless you’re using your phone in direct sunlight. 

It Won’t Update

Phones need to update so that they can remain compatible with the latest software ecosystem. Unfortunately, this changes from time to time and, on occasion, your phone won’t actually update. 

The trick here is to get the process explained to you. Phones will only update if the software operator, such as Google or Apple, continues to support the handset. If they do not, then your only choice is to either upgrade or stick with your current software. 

It Got Wet

Most phones can’t cope with getting wet. While there are a few waterproof devices on the market, they are few and far between. 

If your phone does get wet, you’ll need to take it to a repair shop and get them to fix it. In some cases, water damage is peripheral, meaning that it hasn’t affected any of the other equipment on the device. In others, though, you can’t fix the damage and need to get a new phone. Taking it apart and allowing all the individual pieces to dry out can sometimes work.