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7 Easy Ways To Create A More Productive Office

Cultivating a productive and efficient office is something all employers should be maintaining focus on. The fact is that if your office isn’t designed to allow for an easier way to work, your productivity and that of your team, will suffer. Luckily, you can make small, easy changes that can help increase usability and efficiency for your perfect office design.


Your office layout needs to be conducive to what you do. Do your employees hold frequent meetings and require individual spaces to allow for privacy? Or maybe you need to cut down on how much time people move between colleagues to collaborate. Look at the workflow of your existing space and watch how your staff move around to help you reconfigure the layout for optimal efficiency.


You need brightly fighting to help reduce eye strain and allow for people to see clearly. But you don’t want it to be bright so that people cannot concentrate. So how do you strike the right balance? One way to combat lighting in offices is to allow for personalisation at the workspace. LED lights mimic natural lighting so are all-around better for employee moods than fluorescent lighting. LED tape lights can add extra light in darker spaces or environments where employees work during the evening or night.


An ergonomic workspace is one where the equipment and environmental factors are designed to benefit the user. This means adding more personalisation to each worker and allowing them to work in a space designed for their comfort and to reduce illness and injury. From using the correct chairs to the placement of items on the desk and the temperature of the office all play a part in creating an ergonomic workspace.

Personalise The Space

A bland office isn’t going to inspire good times and creativity. Add some personality to your office that is relevant to your industry and your employees. Add artwork to the walls, fun prints to desks or plants to help you add a touch of nature to your office and cheer everyone up.


Did you know that certain scents can reduce the number of typos people make? And that lemon, lavender and jasmine stimulate brain activity and reduce mistakes by around 54%. Add some essential oils or room fragrances to your office to see how effective they can be for you.


A messy desk leads to a cluttered mind, and mistakes can happen when things are clear. Allow for a more organised working space by reducing clutter in your office by investing in office storage options, going paper-free to reduce the need for pens and paper, etc., and allowing people to work in a mess-free environment to help increase productivity in your employees’ approach to working.

When making changes, it’s important to consider the needs of each employee as everyone has different requirements for what impacts their ability to work and what can make their time in the office a safe and codusive place to work.

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