image of PRECIOUS Nights at the British Library panel July

PRECIOUS Nights at the British Library | July

Join us for the July edition of our monthly PRECIOUS Nights at the British Library networking event for women of colour in business. Each event features a panel of previous Precious Awards category winners sharing their insights and top-tips. ‘PRECIOUS Nights give the opportunity to hear from previous PRECIOUS Awards winners about their business journey, catch…

intovert speaking

Public Speaking is for Introverts too |  Kay Heald,

If you suffer from the sweaty palms, dry mouth and the instinct to run away when faced with giving business presentations you are not alone! I used to blame this response on being shy. However, I now know that what I thought was ‘shyness’ for all those years at school and at work was actually…

image of Lisa Bent

Lisa Bent | Inside Out | Half-way in

Read the latest from our columnist, transformational counsellor and blogger, Lisa Bent. Check in with Lisa each month, right here, where she writes about personal development, mental health, social issues and a whole lot more… Hello June, “You are here already? Welcome.” I say with a fake smile through gritted teeth. Of course, I was…