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How To Become A Great Leader | Jobeda Ali

Jobeda Ali Leadership is not something that can be taught. It can only be learned by observing people who are already leaders. Even aspirations to be a leader come from observing leaders. I don’t believe there is such a thing as a ‘natural leader’, rather, leadership is an inherited idea, a meme. That’s why people…

What Does Leadership Mean to You? | Ronke Lawal

Leadership is such a powerful concept. It is more than simply a word but a continual process, a series of actions that inspires people to follow and live up to the very best that their chosen leader manifests. Throughout history we see that strong leadership can make or break empires and this is something that…

What Does Leadership Mean To You? | Viv Grant

We often think about leadership in the context of an individual being able to lead and influence others. When we look at politicians, world leaders and the media’s projections of what ‘they’ think it means to be a leader, the image often portrayed, is that of the individual who commands authority and respect from others….

How To Get The Right Customers For Your Business | Jo Sealy

One of the challenges of running a successful business is to ensure that you attract and keep the right kind of customers. Think about that. This isn’t just anybody. It’s the kind of clients that value your services, can best benefit from them and will become your best advocates. So how do you attract their…