4 Simple Ways Your Business Can Reach The Right Customers

Entrepreneurs may come across obstacles when starting a business, and this includes reaching customers across several divides. However, it is one thing reaching out to customers, and  another thing finding the right customers for your business.  There are some simple ways your business can reach the kind of customers you need.   Show up where…

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4 ways to increase sales in your product based business right now

As we enter the summer season in this new world of a global pandemic, it is important for those of us who run businesses to continue to focus on sales. Whether you are struggling for sales or your business is thriving, there is always something you can do to  help your business grow. When I…

How to get your first press feature | Tapiwa Matsinde

Your first press feature marks an exciting moment in your entrepreneurial journey. I still remember landing my first piece of press. The fact that someone believed in me enough to share my story marked a pivotal moment in how I saw and felt about myself as a business owner and the potential for my business….

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Column | Denise Rawls | Why you should get a job when you start your business

Denise Rawls is a seriously experienced business development consultant and founder of The Hackney Hive. Denise is expert at helping SMEs make more money and impact with the resources they have. In her monthly column, she will share tips, advice and comment on all things marketing! Here is a chart of what life is like…