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Is Neurodiversity the new black?

Many hundreds of thousands of black and other minority men, women and children happen to have a neurodiversity – defined as a variation in how the human brain processes information, thinks, learns, socialises, feels and behaves.  Examples of neurodiversity are autism (Autistic Spectrum Condition), ADHD, Dyslexia and Tourette Syndrome. Neurodiversity, like any diversity, is about…

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Movers and Shakers | Pareece Rose Sandiford | New Ground Creations

Seven years ago, Pareece Rose Sandiford founded New Ground Creations (NGC) a social enterprise helping young people and those that support them, to overcome inner-city challenges through leadership and business skills.    What drove you to start your own business? The passing of my four friends at 15 years of age, drove me to start…

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Movers and Shakers | Grace Francis | DramEd

Grace Francis is the founder of DramEd, a company that creates creative educational experiences for families and children. DramEd celebrates performers and aims to play a significant role in making space for performing arts in childhood education. The company incorporates DramEd Educators, which deliver classes that teach core subjects through performing arts. Since launch they…

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On Leadership | Donna Herdsman

Here’s the latest in our leadership series. We ask a range of entrepreneurs, business owners, experts, women and men from a range of sectors and industries: ‘What Does Leadership Mean to You?’ Donna Herdsman, replies.   My overriding view is that we are all leaders. Family members, work colleagues, friends,  someone within your extended circle of acquaintances,…