Precious Nights

PRECIOUS Nights Online | The July 2020 edition

PRECIOUS Nights is a monthly event that gives you the opportunity to hear from previous PRECIOUS Award winners . Join us as they share the highs, lows and lessons of their journey and give actionable tips and advice. The evening is about storytelling, connecting, honesty and community in a unique atmosphere of collaboration and motivation….

image of Nicola Dady

Movers and Shakers | Nicola Dady | Don’t Forget The Kids

Five years ago Nicola Dady set up Don’t Forget The Kids, a┬áregistered charity that supports children 0-17 who are touched by cancer or the bereavement of a loved one. They provide creative art peer support sessions and send care packages to those families that can’t access group support.www.dontforgetthekids.co.uk   What drove you to start Don’t…