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Zoe Huskisson
Zoe Huskisson

If you always wear a small selection of your ever increasing wardrobe then you’re not alone- most women only wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. Now is the perfect time to be brave and raid your wardrobe. Be ruthless and bin anything that you haven’t worn in a year.

I know that this is much easier said than done but it’s not an option if you want to be stylish all the time. If only discarding clothes was as easy as buying them- life would be much simpler. A wardrobe full of unworn clothes is a practical and financial waste- the average British woman has £305 of unworn clothes in their wardrobe.

That red designer pencil skirt might have seemed a bargain ten years ago but a lot can change in a decade. Pregnancy, romantic dinners and a slower metabolism can all takes it toll on our bodies and yet we still cling onto clothes that no longer flatter our figures.

Holding onto clothes that do not compliment your current shape is definitely a style crime. If your size 10 jeans are now a bit tight over your thighs, then it’s time to be tough and ditch them. Why keep something that makes you feel uncomfortable and self conscious? Keep the memories in your head and throw away anything that no longer fits and is a reminder that your dress size was once a single digit.

Your new improved wardrobe should be tidy, organised and ideally colour coordinated. If you’re left with mostly dark colours, then it’s time to inject some colour into your life. The high streets are now full of bright summer colours so take inspiration from this season’s key looks including florals and bold prints.

Parting with clothes that got you that date, job or man ten years ago does not have to be traumatic. Second hand stores will gladly sell your items or attend a clothes swap party. Remember, one woman’s 1980s trash might be another woman’s vintage treasure!

If you’re still pining for your old clothes then console yourself with some retail therapy. This always works for me but please remember (or at least try) to be a selective shopper and only buy something you will definitely wear!

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