PRECIOUS Nights: The PRECIOUS Book Box with Dorothy Koomson takeover!

We’re back with our first PRECIOUS Nights of 2022 and it’s a special one! This month is a PRECIOUS Book Box with Dorothy Koomson special where our panel will feature the entrepreneurs behind the brands that are in the most recent box.

This month we’re talking about income streams. Why it’s good to have diverse streams of income and
when your business is not your sole source of income…how do you manage it all?

Our panel features:

Dr. Kadian Pow

Dr. Kadian Pow is a Jamaican-American expat living in Birmingham, UK. She lectures in Sociology and Black Studies at Birmingham City University, where she teaches about Black Feminism, Popular Culture and Representation Discourse.

She is also the Founder and Managing Director for Bourn Beautiful Naturals, a black-owned company create products for Afro textured hair and sensitive skin. Inspired by her academic theory and teaching, BBN’s ethos is grounded in centring the needs of Black people, whose needs are often incidental for many larger companies. “Black women are usually the most readily connected to their entire community, so if I’m addressing their wellbeing, I am also helping them address the wellbeing of their children and their families too. I’m proud that we are a family brand”.

Just as the products themselves were based on herself, family and friends so is the brand’s playful tone of voice. Kadian fuses her Jamaican, African American and British cultures into the Brand’s identity

Nicola Soremekunis

Nicola Soremekunis the founder of Manicure You London , a luxury nail care and nail polish brand with inclusive and statement colours.

In 2015 Nicola started a blog called ‘Nikki Nails’ where she documented her natural nail growth along with tips and tricks and swatches of nail polish colours from different brands.

She found that most of the brands she was using had products that contained toxins and were not inclusive of all skin tones and she struggled to find shades of nudes that complimented her skin tone.

In 2018 she created Manicure You , a toxin-free, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly brand inclusive of all skin tones that now has over 50 fashionable colours to chose from including the ‘Identity Nude Collection’ which features 16 shades and compliments all skin tones.

We will announce our final speaker shortly.

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