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New series for Channel 4 is looking for families to take part

Do you wonder what YOUR children would do with a long weekend to themselves? Families with at least two children aged 8-16 wanted for new series that will question to what degree modern parenting styles prepare children for adulthood.

How much do parents influence the behaviour of their children, even when they’re not around? And without these rules will our children be hapless, rebel or perhaps they’ll be more capable and resourceful than we give them credit for?

Bedtimes, restricted screen time and mollycoddling are the bane of every child’s life but what would they do without these rules of behaviour, and have any of them sunk in? The series follows sibling groups whose parents have gone away for a long weekend. Remotely operated cameras will film the siblings in their own home around the clock to observe whether, if given autonomy and freedom, these young people seize the opportunity to disregard all the rules their parents have imposed on them or be as good as gold and live by the ethos and rules their parents live by.

Closely monitoring the footage from the house at all times will be a close-by safeguarding team of producers, chaperones and psychologists and the parents are just a phone call away should their children want to ask how to put the washing machine on or just boil an egg.

For more information, please email families@electricray.com or call 020 7061 8924. There is no obligation to take part by getting in touch.

The children will be monitored by chaperones and psychologists to help safeguard their physical and emotional welfare.
All data will be processed in accordance with Electric Ray’s privacy policy.
An expression of interest does not guarantee participation in the series.



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