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Movers and Shakers | Miranda Brawn

Miranda is the founder of The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation which aims to help Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) future leaders while increasing race diversity & equality in Britain. The foundation provides opportunities and incentives via diversity lectures and scholarships alongside funding, work experience and mentoring.

Briefly describe your current job responsibilities.

I do not have a typical day, week, month or quarter at the moment. That said, I would say that it would include my day job in the City from Monday to Friday where I am Director of Legal and Transaction Management for Europe, within an investment bank. This is accompanied with a mix of public speaking, mentoring, TV and board advisory work.

What were the key decision points that were important in deciding your career path?

The key decision points have been related to taking the road less travelled which started with commencing my investment banking career at the age of 18.

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

Ultimately, having different things on your plate means getting lots of interesting ideas to take back to your day job. I like variety. It stops you from getting isolated, and makes you think in different ways.
My colleagues and associates work across all sorts of industries. I’m surprised at how naturally things have progressed over the past few years with my portfolio career. There are so many synergies with other things I’m doing. It is tapping into so many exciting things that are going on, which are gathering momentum even faster than I expected. It is always a roller coaster! I’m excited to be on it.

What is the most challenging aspect of your work? What strategies have you developed for tackling that challenge?

The most challenging aspect of my work is maintaining a healthy work/life balance. The main strategies which are used to tackle this challenge are time management and organisational skills.

What has been the most defining moment in your career to date?

Being in a position to launch my Foundation to help others become a success while increasing diversity and equality in the UK.

Best piece of career advice you have ever received? And who was it from?

“Your career is like a marathon and not a sprint.” This was great advice given to me in my 20’s by one of my dear mentors.

Away from your work role what are your passions?

My passions are music where I am a secret rock star playing the electric guitar and writing music. It allows me to tap into my creative side by playing and composing music. I started playing the guitar when I was five years old and the piano at eight, where I used to write songs. It’s good to go back to that from time to time. I have also just started to enjoy mindfulness meditation and yoga.

What are the three (professional or personal) books/websites/ or resources that you would recommend to others?

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is my favourite book. Social media is key to help with your personal branding. I would recommend LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to help gain and raise awareness regarding important issues. Your network is a great resource for knowledge and information. Get connected.

What do you know now, that you wish you had known as you started your career?

To get a mentor and sponsor within your organisation so you have someone who can help guide you internally while supporting you as you rise up the career ladder.

Do you have any advice for women entering your industry?

Follow your passion, take calculated risks and always try to punch above your weight.

If you weren’t in this role what would be your alternative career?

I have many roles in my career which is the beauty of having a portfolio career. You are not restricted to one role. My current roles include a mixture of finance, law, charity, education, international development work, television, radio, management, writing and so on.

That said, I love being on stage when I give my keynote talks. Approximately 15 years ago, I passed my professional LAMDA exams which included acting in Shakespeare plays. Hence, maybe I could add being an actress to the list of alternative careers.

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