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Movers and Shakers | Emolyne Ramlov

Emolyne Cosmetics was founded by Ugandan-born, Denmark-raised and London-based Emolyne Ramlov. After years of trying to find lip and nail products that were an exact shade match, she decided to create a brand that would cater to those looking for coordinated colours. 

Each of her shades are named after an African country, city or landmark in homage to Emolyne’s birthplace, due to her wanting to celebrate the colour and excitement of her roots and these inspiring names define the inclusive spirit of her brand.

Tell us a little about your personal entrepreneurial journey. 

I was born in Uganda and grew up in Denmark; I found it tough being a black woman in a market that was oversaturated with products created with light skin tones in mind. That is why I decided to create Emolyne Cosmetics, to fill the gap in the market for a more inclusive range of shades, and to pioneer a diverse range of models so that everyone can feel like they belong.

What were the obstacles you had to overcome to start your business? 

Obviously, the pandemic had a big impact on us – it pushed back our launch date due to factory closures and transport shortages, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason and we were forced to change strategy. Seeing the outcome of this, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

What makes your products different to others on the market? 

Our products were created out of need, with inclusivity at the forefront. With that in mind, we created a larger than average shade range, with 15 nudes and 15 reds in our collection so that there really is something for everybody.

What are your top tips for budding entrepreneurs? 

Make sure that you truly believe in what you do – there can be some low points in starting a business, things that would be nearly impossible to overcome if you don’t live and breathe what you do.

What traits do you think successful entrepreneurs should have/ develop? 

An eagerness to learn – when you start a new business, you deal with a whole range of things that you never could have imagined. Learning to overcome these and enjoying the knowledge that comes with that is important. Drive, determination and perseverance are other important traits that I think are important in any aspect of your life.

Beauty is an integral part of feeling good, what else do you find are important self-care practices for you? 

I really enjoy keeping healthy, it’s so important for me to eat well and exercise, it truly clears my mind. I also love to travel and explore new places and learning about each culture. Most importantly though, is spending quality time with my kids.

What are the favourite makeup items from your business? 

It’s really hard for me to choose because every product I have created was made with love. My most used item is my Uganda lipstick.

Finally , what are your favourite black owned business that you personally buy from? 

Fenty has been hugely influential to me, as well as Pat McGrath – their products have transformed the beauty industry, leading the way for more diversity.

Connect with Emolyne cosmetics, a brand that is driven by representation, personalisation and focused on colour, on Instagram @Emolynecosmetics.

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