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A Mentor Could Change Your Life – Get Matched | Jessica Huie MBE

We do not all begin at the starting line in life. That’s a fact. I think we all know and accept that our circumstances and background dictate our life opportunities, just as much as our qualifications and experience.

So on National Mentoring Day, my colleagues and I introduced Connect Mentors into the world. It’s an online mentoring platform which matches progressive businesses with talent directly. The type of individual that might not typically get an internship because they are not the daughter or son of one of the senior leaders, and their father doesn’t play golf with the CEO. People like you and I then!

Everybody wins. Progressive big businesses understand the need to take steps to work toward a workforce which looks like the society it serves, and there are numerous people of colour who have the talent and skill-sets. In many instances, they just lack the black book of contacts which is often the difference between gaining access into the industry of their choice, or not.

Our mission goes beyond just matching business mentors from a range of sectors with talent from new pools. We want to change the way society views talent.

We want to dispel the idea that the “best” candidates come only from the Russell Group universities. We want to highlight the huge value people over 55 re-entering the workplace can have for a business. We want to open minds and shift perceptions and create a space for business to diversify and prosper off the back of real human connection.

We know it’s an idealistic and lofty vision and that the initial connection is just one step in closing the opportunity gap, but in an increasingly separatist society, it’s a vital step.

My experiences of mentoring (albeit informal) have changed my life, and I am proud of the value I’ve brought to not just my clients but the industry itself as a result of that opportunity. Having somebody who can provide a supportive, experienced ear as well as make practical suggestions about your career development, is priceless.

We are excited to partner with the PRECIOUS network in order to make our mentors available to match with you at no cost to you at all. To get proactive about developing your career, or match with a mentor who might inspire career change get matched today! www.ConnectMentors.com



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